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I thought I’d add a contribution to this thread, I’ve bought a few bits and pieces from a chap called John Thomas, and heโ€™s located in the Black Country here in the UK. I have had a fair few parts from him for both OIF and pre OIF BSA singles, these include a B44 bash plate (which was so good I bought another for my ’68 250), I’ve had horn brackets, a brake torque arm and a lid for my B50 electrical box. All of these parts have proved to be a good fit, they are supplied un finished so can be polished or painted, all are laser cut so just need the sharp edges removing before finishing to your required standard. I’ve found John to be friendly and very helpful when I have had trouble knowing exactly which part I require so much so I have sent him some of my parts for him to duplicate and add to his range, he also make parts for other marques and some handy tools.

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