BSA SIDE REFLECTOR BRACKETS 19-1035 (H231) Matchless AJS Front Brake Arm Lever 02-9272 (H314) Matchless AJS Rear Brake Arm Lever 017113 (H176) BSA B25 Cable Guides with Grommets 68-5137 76-9325 (H10) BSA B25 Left Hand SIDE PANEL BUFFER BRACKET 41-9187 (H210) BSA B25 B44 A65 Front Mudguard Brackets 97-3669 97-3680 (H113) BSA C15 B40 Rear Sprocket Tab Washers 40-6023 (H218) BSA C15 B40 Centre Stand Spring Cam 40-4040 (H19)

Peter Elvidge

Many thanks for email re mudguard brackets, I will look out for them in the post.
Would just like to say how very pleased I am with the quality of the parts you recently
sent me and the excellent service you provide.
Have a great Christmas,
Kind regards,

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