AMC Front Brake Arm Lever 02-9272 (H314)


AMC Front Brake Arm Lever 02-9272

Ref OEM; 02-9272

The original arm and brake cam are not included in the listing



AMC Front Brake Arm Lever 02-9272

AMC Front Brake Arm Lever 02-9272. A front brake arm for the Norton P11 range of Motorcycles. Will also fit the AMC and Matchless AJS range of Motorcycles.

Laser cut from 5mm A2 304 stainless steel to resemble original pattern. Consequently requiring some de-burring. Also,Ā fitment is at the discretion and responsibility of the buyer. Therefore no testing or approval implied other than to fitment and use on my own and customerā€™s motorcycles.

All our parts are manufactured to original specifications. If you have a query about any of our classic bike parts, advice on fitting, or you want a next day delivery, just give me a call.

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