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Classic Bike Parts for British and Foreign motorcycles

Welcome to our Web Site, The web shop of JT Classic Stainless.

 Our aim is to provide vintage and classic motorcycle parts of the highest quality to fellow enthusiasts of a bygone era when British Motorcycles reigned supreme. Classic Bike Parts are reproduced to the highest standards by our certified prestigious suppliers. Laser cut in stainless steel from original drawings to a far higher specification than the ones that came with the bike. This guarantees a precision fit, long life and no rusting.

Classic Bike Parts Workshop

Our classic bike parts workshop maintains and restores classic and vintage motorcycles. Right here in the heart of the black country. The very home of many of the famous bikes of yesteryear. We work on the restoration and maintenance of many British & Foreign motorcycles marques. Therefore, over the years, using hands on experience, and more so the knowledge gleaned from many respected “Old Boys” who grew up, rode and raced these beautiful machines. we have put together an ever growing list of reproduction parts. Made right here in England to give you our guarantee these parts fit.

Workshop Project
Velocette Rebuilld
Velocette 350KTT
KTT 350 Velocette
KTT 350 Velocette
Classic Manx Norton
Manx Norton
Honda CA 77 305cc
Honda 305 CA 77
Honda CB 400 4
Honda CB 400 4











Triumph TR25W
Triumph TR25W

Famous Marques

BSA Tank Badge
Matchless Tank Badge




Royal Enfield Tank Badge
Royal Enfield
Triumph Tank Badge
Velocette Tank Badge
Vincent Tank Badge




AJS, Ariel, BSA, Matchless, Norton, Royal Enfield, Triumph, Velocette or Vincent, you’ll find them all in our Shop and many more. Here you can browse through the makers for your part. Or use the search box to see if we have your classic bike parts in stock.


Amal Monobloc Carb Tool
Amal Carb Tool
Norton Triumph Slotted Chaincase Tool
Slotted Chaincase Tool
BMW Exhaust Rose Tool
Exhaust Rose Tool






We make a lot of our own tools as well. They’re not only a better fit but don’t rust if they get wet in your tool-bag. See our Tools section in the shop.

Left Over Bits

Amal Carbs
Amal Carbs
BSA Goldstar Wheel
Goldstar Wheel
Ariel Arrow Leader Brake Plate Assembly
Ariel Brake Plate





And as the corner of our workshop gets ever cluttered up with discarded parts from restoration projects. There just might be a bargain for you in our Workshop Clear-out


And Finally

For the biker who has everything. Here are a few idea’s for the perfect birthday present. Christmas stocking filler, or just to earn some brownie points.

We have a collection of Motorcycle mugs with line drawings of some of the old  classics

How about some dirty old oil can to drink your tea from

And this is the icing on the cake. We have teamed up with Matthew Meli of Inished Productions. So if you want to stand out from the crowd get some of this.

Engines of Legend Biker Mugs and his Biker T Shirt Sweatshirt and Hoodie Collection

These are completely unique, and if you own one, I bet all your mates will want one too. The mugs and casual wear are designed by and  exclusive to Inished productions by Matthew Meli.  They are completely unique, unusual and Iconic. This engine inspired collection of motorcycle mugs, T Shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies make an ideal gift for the biker who has everything. Or for corporate advertising we can put your logo or details on the back of the mugs.

We gifted Barry our web designer and Classic Bike enthusiast, the owner a Triumph TR7 with a mug and Hoodie as a thank you.

Classic Bike Parts Biker Mug
Barry the web designers Mug
Corporate design mugs
Your name, Company Logo or Engine Info
Triumph TR7 Hoodie
Barry’s TR7 Hoodie

To see what’s on or have a little laugh take a peek on our Up To Speed page.



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