Triton Converta Plates


How are you, hope everything well, especially your health, just an update with my project Triton bike, been riding since completion.

Kind regards,


A big thanks to Mr Brent Gatbonton from the USA.

We supplied him with a few parts for his Triton Project. And here’s a few pics of his beautiful creation.

He was using a 73 triumph t140v engine and slimline featherbed frame,  triumph conical rear wheel and drum brakes. Norton swing arm

Triumph TR5 Rear engine plates

From: Claus Riemann (Germany)
Subject: Triumph TR5 Rear engine plates

Message Body:
Hello John,
i want to order the front engine plates and the gearbox plates for a TR5 which you offer. I was wondering if you have the rear engine plates as well so the set woud be complete. Of course they are different from the normal rigid framed Triumph, it would be too easy otherwise…
By the way: the parts/tools i once ordered are great and in frequent use.

Cheers Claus

From: Claus Riemann <*******************>
Date: Thu, Feb 16, 2023 at 2:41 PM
Subject: Re: ORDER NO. 8957

Hello John,

many thanks for your service and the extra parts! After all its for a 70 year old bike and a couple of days longer before it hits the road does not really matter…

Cheers Claus

Am Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2023, 14:07:07 MEZ hat John Thomas

Tiger Up and Ready to go again

Thanks for the help J.T.

Tiger 750 TRV 1973

New Gaiters – Tank Strap – Exhaust Down Pipe Brackets – Boyer Bransden Electronic Ignition and Repaired wiring. Fixed Oil leak on frame sump – New Throttle cable and Carb overhaul.

Barry Wilkinson (The Blade). N.B. The spanners were good too