Tiger Up and Ready to go again

Thanks for the help J.T.

Tiger 750 TRV 1973

New Gaiters – Tank Strap – Exhaust Down Pipe Brackets – Boyer Bransden Electronic Ignition and Repaired wiring. Fixed Oil leak on frame sump – New Throttle cable and Carb overhaul.

Barry Wilkinson (The Blade). N.B. The spanners were good too

Stuart Osborne AJS

Hello John,

The AJS project has reached the early road testing phase, hopefully there won’t be too many teething troubles but time will tell. I did promise a photo as it’s quite a bit of ‘jt’ in it; engine plates, mag table and plates, brake anchor arm and levers front and back, snail cams ( worked a treat by the way) and speedo mounting plate. So this is it:

Stuart Osborne AJS

I bought it in the early Seventies (£40 I think) used (and abused) it with a sidecar on, during my student years. It’s been off the road since the mid-Eighties, slowly getting more decrepit in the back of various garages. It doesn’t look much like its former self but I’m pleased with the result. I’ll be even more pleased if it goes as well as it looks.

All the best,