Royal Enfield Bullet Rear Wheel Chain Adjusting Cams (H110)

Phil Willis 1954 Royal Enfield G2 Bullet

Good afternoon John just a line to say thank you very much for sending the wheel adjusters I ordered for my old Bullet. I made a small sleeve/washer to fill the right hand side but the left hand side was a straight fit.

As you can see from the photos it’s a great job.

Many thanks again John.

Kind regards

Phil Willis

BSA B25B Electric Box Mounting Brackets 83-3813 83-3814 (S345 S346) and Horn Mounting Brkt (H36)

Clive Dackus

Hi John 

Here some Photos of mounting bracket fixed to the bike. Strangely the fixing screw head for the front bracket hits the top of the electrical box. I don’t know if the original bolt had a thinner head, whether the rubber grommets available now are the incorrect height or the fixing point on my frame is the wrong shape? Anyway I made a spacer/sleeve to go under the grommet which drops the electrical box lid down enough to clear the bolt head.

A65 headlamp brackets

Hi John,

            Received headlamp brackets well packed and very quick service, I attached a picture of what I fitted them to a 604cc bored and stroked BSA Gold Star special.

Many thanks, stay safe, 



BSA Norton Triumph Slotted Chaincase Plug Inspection Cap-Tool Stainless Steel (H51)

Hi John,

It arrived today and is an excellent tool. Here is a photo and a comment for your website.

How did I manage for so long without this tool for tightening screw plugs on old British motorcycles? The picture shows it in use on the chaincase oil filler plug of my 1962 Triumph Tiger 100SS, and it works just as easily on the gearbox filler plug. Well designed and strongly made.


BSA SIDE REFLECTOR BRACKETS 19-1035 (H231) Matchless AJS Front Brake Arm Lever 02-9272 (H314) Matchless AJS Rear Brake Arm Lever 017113 (H176) BSA B25 Cable Guides with Grommets 68-5137 76-9325 (H10) BSA B25 Left Hand SIDE PANEL BUFFER BRACKET 41-9187 (H210) BSA B25 B44 A65 Front Mudguard Brackets 97-3669 97-3680 (H113) BSA C15 B40 Rear Sprocket Tab Washers 40-6023 (H218) BSA C15 B40 Centre Stand Spring Cam 40-4040 (H19)

Peter Elvidge

Many thanks for email re mudguard brackets, I will look out for them in the post.
Would just like to say how very pleased I am with the quality of the parts you recently
sent me and the excellent service you provide.
Have a great Christmas,
Kind regards,