Triumph Engine Plates

Richard Fletcher

Hi John
Very pleased, order arrived promptly. Parts as described. Yet to fit the plates but they match up well with the originals.

Sent: Tuesday, 20 August 2019, 20:12:53 CEST

Hi John

This is a bit of an odd request but I wonder if you can help me. 

I am trying to modify the T140 engine plates I bought to suit a later right hand brake lever T140. As I live in France getting materials really is a problem. I need to make up some spacers and a support for the brake lever pivot, which I intend to weld to the plates. Looking at the plates I bought from you it struck me that the scrap from the holes in the plates, specifically the brake lever hole and the swinging arm shaft would be ideal as a starting point as the thickness is correct and the material is obviously the same. Is it possible to obtain some of these scrap bits, or failing that some scrap of the same plate I can work with. Of course I’m happy to pay for these and P&P.


Richie Fletcher

Date: Wed, Aug 28, 2019 at 8:58 PM

Hi John

Thanks for the info and getting this sorted so quickly. I didn’t see any payment request? As I said happy to pay for your trouble. 

Needless to say I am very happy with your service and the products sent. As for the after sales service I can’t remember receiving any better. Pleasure dealing with you, I’ll keep an eye out for any more of your products I can use in this project.



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